Omnia Media is a global multi-faceted media company connecting people with information in specialist sport and physical activity markets and environments. We deliver a broad range of products and services including live events and digital media content to bring the sport and business worlds together.

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Our Core Themes

We work with industry leading experts to enhance and disrupt the sporting industry by challenging engagement, equality and inclusion within sporting communities from youth and amateur to the elite levels of sport. We will lead the change.

Align to new professional standards of education which can allow a number of subjects to be discussed, including the importance of sport and physical activity on the school’s curriculum and the role education can play in the development of sport and physical activity for the future of society.

Understand what we describe as our ‘New Society’ and ensure we are responding to the process of adding game mechanics into non-gaming environments such as, Esports, websites, online communities, learning management systems and business intranet to increase and reach a larger participating audience. The goal of gamification is to encourage consumers, employees and partners to interact, share and collaborate.

Driving new and inclusive fan and consumer engagement experiences, using innovation and the connection it has with sport and physical activity. The goal of is to encourage consumers, employees and partners to interact, share and collaborate.

To support and challenge latest regulation and legislation rules. The regulation of sport and physical activity is usually overseen by a Sports Governing Body. This must change to ensure an overarching independent arbitrator can hold individuals to account and protect participants. It is paramount that all sport and physical activity staff and volunteers know how to behave in all environments.

Being abreast of how wellbeing has a direct impact on society. We aim to understand how the latest psychological and scientific methods used to giving athletes an edge in sports can also give children the confidence to try and adopt physical activity and an active lifestyle.