Everything in Sport (EIS) brings together high-level executives and decision makers from sport and business around the world to meet, network and create business relationships. Our aim is for them to share their visions and realise their goals over the course of our events.

With over 50 years of professional experience in the industry, EIS creates world class sporting events and understands the importance of developing collaborative partnerships to mitigate risk when investing in emerging sporting propositions.

Our partners and solution providers use the Everything in Sport Events as their opportunity to meet and do business with existing customers in the region and international clients in attendance. We provide them access into sporting markets, such as soccer that are traditionally difficult to get into. Most importantly, the event allows them to meet organisations and individuals who will provide valuable solutions by networking and honest discussion. At the event our aim is to join the sport and corporate worlds for them to achieve and accomplish their goals over the course of a high-end global events such as Everything in Sport, Women’s Edition. This is ever so important to the grassroots of sport with key stakeholders and deep diving into core issues such as diversity, inclusion, safeguarding, equal opportunity to name but a few.

PowerPlay ‘The Future’ showcases sport tech start-ups. Founders present their product to investors such as Angel and Venture Capitalists to gain investment to grow their product. PowerPlay ‘The Future’ facilitates engagement with new customers, the building of relationships, knowledge transfer and understand the future trends in sports markets.

We are committed to supporting the development and growth of female founders in sports tech.

We want to host this event to connect founders to industry experts in areas such as branding and marketing communications, sports innovation, customer experience, the sport and physical activity industry and more.