Omnia Sports Group and Switch the Play Foundation Announce Transformative Partnership

In a groundbreaking move, Omnia Sports Group and Switch the Play Foundation are thrilled to unveil their strategic partnership. These two organisations, both driven by the core principle of prioritising people, are joining forces to revolutionise the sports industry and create new career pathways for athletes while making a lasting social impact.

Partnership Details
This strategic partnership signifies a new era of collaboration between Omnia Sports Group and Switch the Play Foundation. The two entities will not only deepen their involvement in ongoing projects but also explore future endeavours that align with their shared vision and values. Together, they aim to seize the exciting opportunities of the future, with a primary focus on driving systemic change in the sports industry, creating career pathways for athletes, and enhancing the social impact of sports in local communities.

About Omnia Sports Group
The Omnia Sports Group functions as a cohesive entity with the following subsidiary organisations, Omnia Media, Omnia Education, Omnia Community, Omnia Services, and Omnia Recruitment. The Group brings together industry-leading companies that operate across the UK, Europe, Americas, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and North Africa (MENA). Our overarching mission is to drive ‘Sport for Social Change’ through disruptive and innovative approaches across all facets of our operations. Insert OSG website

About Switch the Play Foundation
Switch the Play Foundation is the UK’s only charity dedicated to supporting sportspeople to plan for and manage a successful transition to life outside sport. There is a hidden majority of sportspeople who do not make life changing sums of money playing sport. We know that most sports people do not end their sporting career on their own terms. We also know that without preparation, for many, leaving sport can be really tough – mentally, emotionally and financially. That is why we exist. We empower sportspeople to be their best through sport by providing person-centred training and transition support so that when the time comes to retire, they are prepared for what comes next.

David Kreyling, CEO of Omnia Sports Group, commented on the partnership:
“Sport for Social Change is the golden thread that runs through our collection of businesses. We’ve had the privilege of working with Switch the Play Foundation for many years, and we’ve been inspired by their mission and purpose. We’re excited to announce this strategic partnership, which will see Switch the Play Foundation working closely with us on our Everything in Sport, Women’s Edition Conference Series for 2024. Together, we’ll challenge the status quo, empower high-level executives and decision-makers from the sports and business world to connect, create meaningful relationships, and, most importantly, add value to the world of sports and people’s lives.”

Quote from Rob Young MBE, Founder of Switch the Play Foundation
“It is a privilege to be able to announce this strategic partnership with the Omnia Sports Group. We are very aligned in our missions and, with a shared purpose to support people in unlocking their untapped potential and improve their wellbeing, we are excited for how we can work together to add value to the different areas of our work. This partnership will be transformative for the charity giving us a long-term partner that will enable us to increase our reach and impact for current and former sportspeople, to champion a system change in the way sport supports the duty of care of sportspeople, and to be more financially resilient in what remains a very challenging climate for small charities to operate. I would like to thank Omnia Sports Group for supporting our ambitions and for sharing our focus on delivering positive change.”

This strategic partnership between Omnia Sports Group and Switch the Play Foundation promises to be a catalyst for positive change in the sports industry, fostering innovation, inclusivity, and social impact.